About Mike Gibson & Associates

In today’s day and age, consumers are demanding outstanding service, value and knowledge.  We understand these demands, as we are consumers ourselves. As a result, our Real Estate practice is constantly evolving to meet these demands. Currently Mike Gibson & Associates has over 24 years of Real Estate selling experience. Both the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board and Sutton Group – West Coast Realty have recognized the group for outstanding Real Estate sales. Mike Gibson has been consistently ranked in the top one percent of the Realtors in the Fraser Valley by his sales production. Mike Gibson & Associates have also been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce for their outstanding commitment to customer service.

Mike Gibson and Associates specialize in the Fraser Valley residential market place. This allows us to focus our knowledge and efforts so that we become intimately familiar with housing prices, market trends in the community, by-law changes, and rental and vacancy rates. Our goal is to be your Real Estate resource. This also includes a diverse group of Real Estate experts that include lawyers, accountants, home inspectors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, home repair, home staging and many more. We also work hard to maintain our standing at the forefront of legislation changes through the mandatory continuing education of our group. This allows us to stay on top of new tenant laws, changes to the contract of purchase and sale, the laws of agency, and changes to strata law and so on.

What this Means to you

There are three standards that we work towards through each Real Estate transaction. We want to get our clients the highest possible price, in a convenient time frame for our client and to work towards making the process as simple and straightforward as possible.   We guarantee that your requests are always going to be handled quickly and efficiently.

With our knowledge of the Fraser Valley areas, you can be sure that you, as our client, will have all the necessary information you require to make an informed decision pertaining to your Real Estate needs. When dealing with offers, our skills allow us to put together enforceable contracts that ensure that your interests are protected.

The Referral Process

As mentioned, the main goal of Mike Gibson & Associates is to provide outstanding customer service. To do this requires a huge time commitment on our part. Our clients have recognized how hard we work on their behalf through the complete Real Estate process. To that end, approximately 85% of our business is generated through repeat business or client referrals to family and friends. We believe that nothing speaks louder than what your clients say about you when the job is done. We feel confident that your experience with us will be one that you will want to tell your friends, family and colleagues about.

We look forward to working with you!


Mike Gibson