Can a Wood Floor Improve Your Indoor Air

As surprising as it may sound, there is a North American hardwood floor manufacturer that has introduced a flooring product with properties that can actually convert unhealthy chemicals found in the air of your home into fresh breathable air. The basis of this claim is in the formulation of the ...

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Make This the Year to be Prepared

Some homeowners dismiss persistent reports about our increasing susceptibility to extreme weather conditions and the growing risk of weather-related damage.  While it’s true that, statistically, it’s unlikely you will ever be in the direct path of a hurricane, tornado, flood, wildfire or lightning bolt, it’s short-sighted to underestimate the broader ...

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Fraser Valley Housing Market Statistics – December 2019

Strong finish for mediocre year in Fraser Valley real estate SURREY, BC – After a sluggish first half of the year, property sales in the Fraser Valley started picking up speed in the summer and finished strong in December, but not enough to surpass last year’s sales totals. The Board’s ...

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