2018 The Year That Was

December 19, 2018

Do you ever remember that time as a kid, where the days just seemed to drag on. You would be waiting on some big family event and it would literally take forever to get there. What happened to those days? Days now seem to blur into weeks and weeks into months and months into years. Here we are at December again!

Looking back over 2018, I had one of those “Aha” moments in the middle of summer. It was a game changing thought that came to me by way of all things, a knife salesperson. Interestingly, in her pursuits as a salesperson, her job satisfaction came by way of what her job allowed her to do and the people that she was able to meet. When she started to get caught up in the day to day grind of traffic, meetings, late nights or maybe weekend work, she was able to right her ship through changing her focus. This knife salesperson was able to look at the time she was able to spend with her family, the school presentations she was able to attend and the life selling knives was able to give her. The day-to-day stuff did not get her down.

For me, one of the common questions I get is “how is the Real Estate Business?” Looking back over the years, at the time I have been able to spend with my family, the coaching that I have done and the incredible people that I have met, and think I have a very satisfactory answer to that question. 2018 was a great year in Real Estate.

I hope you had a great month.