A Fresh Clean Perspective on Decor Decisions

March 11, 2019

Before you launch into the latest home fashion trend, start by getting rid of the clutter that contributes to the tired look you’re hoping to replace.  By beginning with a healthy purge, you’ll have a clearer appreciation of how the room could best serve your household’s needs, and you’ll be able to determine whether new furnishings are required.  Next, search for decor planning tools to help you envision the room’s sight lines from different angles.  Some retailers provide free programs that give you a blank canvas on which to consider their products, try various colour combinations, imagine layout changes and estimate costs.

For example, you can examine how a consistent colour palette can make a layout appear larger.  Likewise, thresholds from hallways to adjacent rooms can appear more seamless when you apply complementary hues throughout.  The same goes for floor coverings, such as broadloom or matching carpet runners that can visually tie rooms and passageways together.  By utilizing virtual 3-D tools, you can gain fresh perspectives on your home decor and experiment with colours, patterns and/or textures while avoiding upfront costs and purchases on wasteful whims.