Home Tip Monday

November 27, 2017

Recognize Old Plumbing that Needs Repair or Replacement

If your house or condo is of a certain age, you may need to become more cognizant of the condition of your plumbing system in order to ensure that it will serve your needs well into the future. A quick inspection could reveal some telltale signs of deterioration, and indicate where improvements should be considered. The most obvious locations to inspect are under sinks and vanities, and around your hot water tank. Look for excessive sweating, dripping or corrosion, especially around joints. Examine neighbouring areas such as floors and walls for signs of mould or mildew. Also, check for coloured pipes. Typically red or blue, but sometimes orange, grey or black, coloured pipes could indicate an outdated plastic and/or aluminum plumbing system that may be susceptible to leaking or bursting without notice. If you suspect that this piping is part of your system, check with a plumber to determine replacement options.