Home Tip Monday

July 30, 2018

Getting the Most out of Outdoor Living Space….

Many homeowners cherish the opportunity to spread their common-area living space into the great outdoors by utilizing their deck, patio or open porch.

For some, a gazebo-type screen or retractable awning is all that’s required, but others are more inclined to follow the trend towards more permanent enclosures. For example, you might like the option of sealing off an area with removable clear panels that protect families and guests from inclement weather, without sending them inside.

If you’re ready to upgrade the outdoor area adjacent to your home with a more permanent enclosure, take the time to consider options like a raised floor, space heaters and ventilation, such as a ceiling fan.

Of course, the more you look into the advantages (and the cost), you might even want to consider expanding the footprint of your home by adding an entire sunroom instead of a simple enclosure.