Home Tip Monday

August 28, 2018

Cool Products For Your Condo….

  • A fixture adapter to connect your antique lamp to your whole-home command centre, or its own remote control switch.
  • Concrete, ceramic, porcelain and laminate flooring tiles, strips or planks that look and, in some cases, even feel like real barn boards but without the slivers.
  • A wood treatment that penetrates new boards to make them look worn and tints them to a grey color for an aged, weathered looking finish.
  • An air purifier that talks to your smartphone, reporting on your indoor air quality (IAQ) and telling you when it’s time to replace filters.
  • A countertop induction oven, about the size of a microwave, but with more precise and even cooking, regardless of your various meal components.
  • A robotic vacuum cleaner that you can control with your smartphone, so your floors are done before you get home!