How Long Will your Next Appliance Last?

November 20, 2019

It can be disheartening to discover that the average lifespan of some major home appliances is actually shrinking, despite great technological advances.  Of course, such statistics are relative, with certain brands outperforming others, but it’s worth taking a look at why this trend may continue.

To being with, today’s consumers tend to expect modern conveniences and energy savings.  But, these features often come at the expense of reliable long-lasting performance because they are costly to develop and newer technology is constantly coming to market.  As a result, manufacturers are not inclined to invest heavily in order to make them more durable.  Secondly, an important part of the new technology involves lighter and smaller parts which by nature tend to have a less robust lifespan.

Nonetheless, the new time and energy saving appliances do offer many benefits.  So, one way to counteract the possibility of having to replace one before you were planning to invest again – is through an extended warranty.  But, don’t buy one hastily.  Your retailer may already provide a satisfaction guarantee or product warranty, or you may be automatically covered by using a specific credit card.  In fact, some utility providers offer comprehensive “blanket coverage” for a myriad of household equipment for a single monthly fee.  So, before you make a decision on your next appliance purchase, give considerable thought to how you will manage a long-term cost-effectiveness and your performance expectations.