Kitchen Upgrades that Make Sense

March 4, 2019

Rather than abandoning the idea of a dream kitchen because it’s too expensive or too much work, consider doing your makeover or renovation in stages.  This could make a transformation affordable and simple enough to allow you to get started sooner.  For example, beyond a new paint job, basic upgrades such as replacing your countertops, adding a backsplash or installing new cupboard doors could make a huge difference.  There are a variety of materials to consider and may eye-catching options available.

If clutter is a problem, consider replacing your cutting knives and pots and pans with new attractively designed ones.  Then, install wall mounts to get them out of your cupboards.  Your newly displayed housewares will make room for storing countertop appliances and other items in your cupboards.  If you’re more ambitious, you could escalate your renovation plans to include new plumbing and electrical arrangements to accommodate a change in layout and/or an upgrade to your major fixtures and appliances.  But, before you dip into your budget, take time to investigate the latest options.  Many can save you money, time, energy, and space.