Real Estate of a Different Sort

November 2, 2018

Up until recently, I have never paid particular attention as to where my food comes from.  Now before you get too carried away, what I mean to say is that are we producing our food locally or are we importing it?  With increasing pressure on our agricultural lands towards urbanization, is it good practice to simply import our food from countries that are warmer and drier?  In today’s economic and social climates, that may not be the greatest of ideas.

In an extreme case, in recent years, the country of Venezuela focused on exporting oil rather than domestic food production.  Through this time, the price of oil has collapsed and consequently, the price of food has increased as it now has to be imported to feed a very poor population.  The average Venezuelan has lost an average of 25 lbs over the last year as they suffer through a very severe economic and social hardship.

One solution is taking place locally, right behind Abbotsford Community Services on Montvue Street.  It is Abbotsford’s first Urban Farm.  Making use of an overgrown  and abandoned parking lot, growing beds have been installed.  Crops have been grown and sold at the Farm Markets on both Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.  More importantly, the Urban Farm is also a teaching facility for inner city families and school children with the purpose of not only understanding agriculture, but shedding light on to healthy food choices.

The ACS Urban Farm is an aware winner and 2018 recipient of the Community Builder’s Award.