When a Home Inspector Finds an Issue

January 23, 2019

Imagine you’ve found the perfect home.  You love it.  You’ve made an offer that’s been accepted.  So far so good!  The only catch?  You’ve wisely made the offer conditional on passing a professional home inspection.

What happens if that home inspection reveals a major issue?

First, you should know that, depending on the age of the property, a home inspection will typically turn up at least a few areas of concern.  The inspector might find loose insulation in the attic that is thinning out or roofing shingles that will need replacing in two or three years.

Issues like those are not usually deal-breakers.

However, if the home inspector finds a major issue – such as old wiring that’s worn and presents a safety concern – then you’re facing a potentially high cost of repair should the deal go through.

In a situation like that, as your real estate agent, I will address the issue with the seller, usually through the seller’s agent.  Since neither of you will want to lose the deal, the seller often agrees to get the repair done at his own expense, or have some or all of the estimated repair cost deducted from the sale price.

Will the deal be in jeopardy?  Usually not.  In most cases, if you have a real estate agent like me working in your best interests, it all works out.