Your Estate

January 26, 2018

Nobody likes to think about getting their affairs in order right? At any age, the unexpectable can happen. Do you have a game plan if you end up in the hospital? Or even still yet, have you got your estate planned? If your kids are young, who is going to look after them? If you are a little older, who is going to execute the estate? How are the assets going to be divided?
If nothing is in place, it gets left to the government to try and figure it out. Having been the Realtor that is involved in trying to dispose of Real Estate for an estate where there is no Will in place, it is not a smooth process. Certainly, there is material online that can help you out. If you are not that adventurous, a simple appointment with a lawyer or notary will can get you set up and “get your affairs in order.” The one thing that I have witnessed is that it is way easier for the people that are trying to administer your affairs, if the proper papers are filled out and the proper authority given.